This is why you deserve that Startup job

This is why you deserve that Startup job

Do you want to go motivated to work every morning and really – like really – make a difference? Then working for a startup will be more valuable and more satisfying than working for a corporation. Still not sure? There are thousands reasons why to get a startup job. But let’s start with six ultimate reasons why you should work for a startup.

1. Your boss knows your name

At large corporations you are just one of many. You’d better admit it now than later. As an anonymous figure, the company can easily replace you with anyone else without most people noticing.

Then how can you feel special and be motivated to do your best work?

The answer is: get a startup job.

There, on the other hand, your work crew values you. They care about you as a person. At a large corporation, it’s an accomplishment if your boss knows your name.

Yes, this has happened to me.

No name confusion in your startup job

After four months of working for a company, my boss called me the wrong name. You know why? Because we barely talked. He had so many employees, how could we? At a start up, my boss knows my name and so much more. Even founders and CEOs show you their appreciation for the work you have done. Because you work directly with them on daily basis. You can talk to them about your performance and your future career goals.  How cool is that?

2. You are a big fish in a small pond  

When you work closely with your boss(es) they see the hard work you are putting in. Therefore, you can really stand out. It is much easier to move up in a startup than a big corporation (tweet this).

Corporations have many people so they can easily overlook someone who deserves a promotion. They also have policies on when and how someone can move up, time requirements in working in a specific area or position, education requirements, and so forth.

At startups, the person promoting you is the person working next to everyday, giving you the recognition you deserve. These startup settings really help you move up in your career and prevent you from feeling stuck in a position too long and not being able to fulfill your potential.

3. More independence

Isn’t it frustrating to have a boss that is always looking over your shoulder and micromanaging you?

Well this won’t happen to you at a startup (tweet this).

They trust you to do your work and make your schedule. They don’t have time to look over your work because they are too busy with theirs. Who expects startups to be structured anyway? You have more freedom to try out your own ideas and be creative.

There is simply less bureaucracy.

So if you have a new idea you are able to run with it instead of jumping through hoops to get it approved or even passed off to someone else. Your project is your project and you have the freedom to make it happen.

4. You learn so much more

In a startup, it’s a team effort that counts. There are no structured lines on who does what. Therefore, you get to wear multiple hats.

And that’s the trick.

You gonna learn in your startup job today

You learn more so much faster in a startup because you get the opportunity to work in different areas. In large corporations, they have someone for every area and you can only stay in this narrow pond. Startups themselves are so small they allow you to move around and help in different areas. This will help you so much in your career. Plus this twist makes your job more interesting and always keeps you on your toes.

5. Your work has an impact

At a startup, you are not just making money for a large corporation. You are actually helping make someone’s dream come true. Especially when you choose the right startup, that turns into your dream, too! You get to have a say in the company’s future and help build the company from the ground up.

In short, you are doing real work and you get to see how that impacts the company (tweet this).

When you feel like you are doing something meaningful and making a real difference, you are doing more than a job. You want to get up and go to work in the morning.  So many startups are so innovative and are really changing the world.  Don’t you want to be apart of that?

6. The vibrant culture

At a humongous corporation, there are so many people you pass in the hallways everyday that you don’t know.

This doesn’t happen in startups.

Your colleagues become your family. You work together everyday and you all are pressing on toward a dream. They are not just your co-workers (tweet this). They become the people that help you build a company and a common dream.

As it is happening at the Uprise family (to whom DSJ belongs to). A casual Monday routine can be turned around. Easily, you end up in an Irish pub cheering for the Irish football team at EURO16 with your Irish boss and the rest of the work squad. Not even counting regular Friday beers. To sum up, this nonconformist approach creates a close-knit family culture that you can only have in a startup.

Last words

If you want to have more than just a job then you should work for a startup (tweet this). Your projects make real impacts, you see the difference you are making, you learn so much, and you are working with people who are just as passionate about it as you are. Find this dream job. Now.

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