Thinking beyond the Pandemic

The Netherland’s Startups face an uncertain time. The world is set to pause and most economies are in the back seat with public health and safety being the priority of most countries governments. In terms of history we are living through something the world has not seen in this scale since the influenza pandemic of 1018: The Spanish Flu. It is pretty safe to say none alive have witnessed something of this scale.

While we are amidst this global pandemic, it is understandable that companies focuses other than recruitment are a priority. This is completely understandable as economies around the world are set on pause. Companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Ubereats and more have been forced to downsize to ensure they come out the other end of this challenge.

We know that we will emerge beyond this a more united ecosystem and with a thirst to take this time for learning and growth. Startups are at their heart companies that see opportunity in the midst of challenges and adversity. I think it’s time we remind each other that the reason people wish to start their own companies and join the causes of companies tackling prevalent problems is that these companies are more than money machines. They have the potential to remake the standard anew. The shine of Startups is the possibility that small groups of talented, driven people can make a change the world needs.

This is why we started Dutch Startup Jobs seven years ago. Creating a central place for talent to see the companies that make those bold decisions to reach for lofty goals.

Now we double down on this bet as we say that we want to offer the growth platform that is DSJ for free to companies who can benefit from it. During the lockdown we really think that companies should keep an eye to attracting talent as this is just as important as investment. A year long strategy for recruitment and communication should be key in every companies plan for their year. Even in these unique times we hope to offer that helping hand to those that need it.

We hope that those companies that need it take up our challenge to think beyond the pandemic.

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