Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the guidelines for using DSJ?

    1. Job posts only in English. The startup world speaks English so do we. If the job is meant for a Dutch speaking candidate, you can always indicate it in the job description or job title.
    2. Highly curated jobs. DSJ delivers only curated high-value jobs that fit to our Startup definition: A product based early to mid stage company which has not completed a series A funding round. If your company does not fall into this category but is still interested in advertising on DSJ, contact us and we will see what we can do about it.
    3. Only from the Netherlands. As our name suggests, only startups in the Netherlands are able to post their job vacancies. The exception to the rule are open remote jobs as they are location-flexible. If your company is not based in the Netherlands but is still interested in posting a job opportunity, contact us and we will see what we can do about it.
    4. No middlemen. No recruiters, contingency posts, or agencies. Please don't post jobs on behalf of other companies.
    5. Be fair, transparent, and accurate. Keep this in mind when posting a job opening as well as a job application. DSJ also requests to post only jobs with a monetary compensation, including internships. All employees are valuable to the company and should be rewarded accordingly.
    6. Be professional. Treat each other with respect and be professional in your approach.



How does DSJ work?

It’s quite simple. Startups post their coolest job openings to which talented startup enthusiasts submit the five-star job applications. Post your new job openings or browse through up-to-date opportunities.

For whom is (DSJ)?

DSJ connects hottest Dutch startups and top-notch startup-minded talent. There are several types of opportunities to choose from, such as Internships, Freelance, Fulltime, Parttime, and Co-founder positions. All jobs are posted in English as both Dutch and international talent is welcome to enter Dutch startup scene through DSJ.

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I want to create a resume but I don’t want my resume visible on the website - can I still use DSJ?

Yes! While we value transparency it’s possible to apply for a job without creating a visible resume profile.

How can I be sure an employer received my application / resume?

You will receive an email confirming your application for a particular job. It is possible to track your applications on our website when you are registered. Sign up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email to see a clear overview of all your job applications in one place.

What do I need to know to make the best out of DSJ?

DSJ is the place to be to look for your perfect job. We made it as easy as possible to find one. Use all the great features to take off your startup career.

  1. Fill in your profile. Make sure that your online identity matches the real one. Show your face in your profile image, attach all links that can help startups get to know you, and fill in all the boxes, including the optional introduction.
  2. Add your resume(s). By adding your resume to the database, you let cool startups come to you. They are able to browse through all CVs and find yours. It is in your own interest to fill in all parts of the CV and show your education and experience. You can also create several resumes to be able to customize your application to different job offers. What’s more, you can use one of these resumes to apply for open jobs at DSJ. How cool is that? Add your resume now.
  3. Use the ‘Bookmarked Jobs’ option. We offer a new feature to bookmark every job that takes your fancy. This is kept in your dashboard so you can quickly visit it. Look for the bookmarked ‘heart’ button on the right side of the job page.
  4. Set up Job Alerts. Do you want to be informed about a specific job opening? Set up job alerts based on a location, job category or your expertise and curated opportunities will effortlessly come your way. Find this option in your profile.

How do I look for jobs?

Go to Open Jobs to get started. Browse through them and choose your favourite(s). When clicking on the job post, you can read the job description as well as directly apply at the end of the page - either with your CV or LinkedIn. Do you want to make this process even easier? Create resume(s) on our webpage and use them for applications. Check out all the perks here.

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Woah! Is it possible to advertise on DSJ?

For sure! If you’re interested in linking your brand with, there are endless opportunities - become a featured startup on the website, get known via our newsletters, sponsoring content, etc. Please contact  us to find out what suits you best on our chat system or go to our About us page.

What is the reach of DSJ?

Some Data:*

10.000 unique sessions p/m on the website

11.7 thousand Twitter followers

4000+ Facebook follower

*Please note that featured jobs receive more visibility as they are posted multiple times on our social media and posted in targeted social groups as well.

How many applicants do I get?

This depends on the job, some vacancies get many applicants while others only get a handful of them. On average we see around 6-8 applicants per job.

How can I get more visibility for my jobs?

When you crave for more visibility of your job opening, go for the featured job. Featured jobs receive more visibility as they don’t get lost in the stream of new jobs being uploaded to DSJ. Moreover, they are posted multiple times on our social media.

How will I be notified about interested candidates?

On the website, you’ve got a dashboard where you find all applicants. Also, you can manage there the application process, e.g. sending an invitation to the second round of the process. Additionally, you will receive an email to notify you about a new job application.

How much does it cost?

We have different packages you can choose from, ranging from a brand new subscription option as well as one-time job pricing. Have a look at all the options here.

I’m a Startup not based in the Netherlands. Can I post on DSJ?

Yes of course. As long as the job has a connection with the Netherlands we are fine with that.

Why do I need to post jobs in English?

The startup world speaks English so do we. If the job is meant for a Dutch speaking candidate, you can always indicate it in the job description or job title.

What is your definition of a Startup?

Our Startup definition is following: A product based early to mid stage company which is in or under a series A funding round (under 10 million).

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