Smart Dutch Sales Person Wanted – potential for co-ownership and NL country manager

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Job Overview

  • Languages required Dutch, English
  • Open to remote working? Yes

The Product

In simple terms, we offer our clients a fully serviced environment for their employees or members to improve their lives by making them happier, healthier employees and improve team building. Additionally, a large proportion of our proceeds to charity. Clients can choose to create and add their own content or use our professionally pre-made plans. Then they can sit back and let the magic happen. Our motivational features help improve the chances of success by up to as much as 600%. We make it fun, simple, and engaging for users to make positive changes in their lives. The concept has been validated through studies at the University of Tilburg.

The Company

  • Driven international team
  • EU offices in Denmark and the Netherlands
  • Complete iOS, Android and web client services
  • B2B focus short term, B2C long term
  • Multiple high-paying clients – averaging around € 30,000
  • About to sign with our biggest potential client yet – an organization with over 60 000 employees.


As our service is now nearing maturity, our next step is to expand into more markets. Therefore, we are looking for key sales people to help with sales and eventually building a local team in The Netherlands. If successful, we aim to make you part of our founding team and elevate you to partner/co-owner. Our team will support you as much as needed.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of two investors (among partners at KPMG), two co-founders, a CTO and a development team. We are now searching for ambitious and entrepreneurial sales people. As the demand is increasing, we are now expanding the team significantly.

How will it work

We will give you all the tools you need, so you can focus on sales and building the business here in The Netherlands. So far, we have a 10% conversion rate from contact to signing. We consider this to be very high considering the average contract is as much as EUR 30,000.

The service is offered to the buyer at a price range of 10 000 EURO and upwards – depending on the client’s needs, size and customization. In return the buyer receives a fully functional service, app and platform that would otherwise cost millions to develop on its own. You will be supported by a global support team, the partner / founding team and have a full developer team available.


  • Go-getter (this is the most important part)
  • Sales and networking mentality
  • Interest in building a business
  • Independent and ambitious. You should be ambitious and open to a challenge.


  • Sales Experience
  • Business development experience

What’s in it for you

Social Impact

This is a positive service with a huge potential to improve people’s lives and grow exponentially. There will be times when you will have to work, stay in for deadlines, and you will be challenged. But, it is worth it. Hint: Please mention the sentence “Yes, I did read it” in your cover letter to show you read this entire job description.

Commission and Equity

In return, we will give you equity status and / or a sales commission of off sales you initiate.

Commission Example

Commission example based on the results so far:

  • 5 contacts a day
  • 230 work days a year
  • Conversion rate 10%
  • Average contract: 30,000 Euro

Total base for commission: 3,500,000 Euro / yr


We will provide you with our favorite sales training course, currently being offered by a leading Ivy League University.


Most importantly, we aim to make this a great journey. In a few years, we aim to also have fun along the way. There will be times where you will be challenged but it should also be fun and include building great relations and professional network. Something to be proud of and happy to have been a part of.

Ready for a challenge?

Please note that you will be challenged and your earnings will depend on your results (commission / profit sharing). Yet, it is worth it; we aim to help you by giving you the best business experience you can get. Please mention the sentence ” Yes, I did read it ” in your cover letter to show you read this entire description.

Next Steps

Please send us an introduction to yourself, along with a CV. If all looks good we will start with an informal chat. Get to know each other. Here we can share with you more information on the project (not much is publicly available / online). If we both see the potential, we move forward to a formal interview.

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