This is why to show up at the hip UPRISE Festival

Why to show up at …….

I’m guessing you’ve heard of UPRISE? Yes, I mean the UPRISE Startup Festival that has shaped the Dutch Startup scene for good. This cool event was born in our beautiful Amsterdam just a little more than a year ago. With three festivals under its belt, this naughty teenager decided to crash a party in Dublin.

UPRISE4 is going to occupy the famous RDS on October 20th 2016. And we’re going. Are you joining? Here are 5 reasons why to show up at this UPRISE even if it’s held a bit farther than our Dutch backyard. Yes, it’s worth it. We’ve been there. We know what we’re talking about.

Reason #1: For Startup freaks only

Do you qualify as a ‘startup freak’? Easy. Are you hooked on Startups? Are you planning to start something on your own? Or are Startups your dream place to work at? Then, UPRISE Festival is something that you’ve got to attend. Seriously.


There might be a lot of summits, conferences, and tech events out there, but nothing really compares to UPRISE when it comes to the unstoppable loyalty to Startup philosophy. No one celebrates the startup world with its ups and downs as the UPRISE Festival does. To sum it up, UPRISE represents the wicked awesome startup mayhem in Europe that just cannot be missed out.

2 It’s all about you

Who wouldn’t like to be in the spotlight? Crazily enough, this festival ain’t about getting big names to deliver rather boring speeches (yes, we’ve been there). The whole concept revolves about you – yes, you. In what way, you may ask? Read on…


#1 Power to the people

On many tech events, so called experts are invited to choose the most exceptional unicorn in the startup competitions. Here, on the other hand, the UPRISE audience is challenged to pick the winner of its legendary Pitch Battle.

#2 Argue with experts

This same applies with the knowledge-packed panels. Leaders in specific fields such as AI, intrapreneurship, or online gaming are there to talk, argue, and answer questions that only they can actually answer. Are you curious about how coding will change education and society? Do you want to know more about mental health in this world of immense pressure? Then, panels are definitely for you. Check out the jam-packed schedule.

#3 Talent to talent

Simply, meet cool startups face to face. With sessions such as ‘Pitch your Job and Culture’, you’re gonna know the future employer more than they even would like to. One more reason to join this uprising. What’s more – you can already check out open job spots of UPRISE Startups and beyond. How cool is that?

3 Proper vacation time

The dream of many is working while travelling. This event is a terrific opportunity to make this dream come true.


Why not grab some vacation time and go enjoy cool tech festival with sweet nighttime activities? Next morning, you can explore the beauty of Dublin and Ireland with brand new friends and business contacts you’ve formed on the festival. This is what I call well-spent holidays – building your startup career one drink at a time.

4 Steep learning curve – check!

Yes, you’re gonna learn. Fast.


Workshops, panels, newest tech gadgets, experts, and influencers at immediate reach. See the schedule now. Really. The programme is so darn good that you’ll have issues with choosing what to do first. Don’t believe me? Go see it for yourself.

5 It’s Ireland, baby!

To sum this up in two words: Guinness calling.


Not only that, obviously. Dublin, Ireland, and notorious Irish culture is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. No doubt about that. Slurp through this pretty cool article that pin[t]points 10 ultimate reasons to visit Ireland. What’s more, the flight tickets from the Netherlands in October are such a bargain, starting at €40 for a return flight.

Who needs more reasons to go ‘green’? Actually, one reason is missing. Ireland is actually the land of unicorns. And there are rainbows everywhere…


Are you on board?

Did we persuade you to join this party called UPRISE? We hope so. Because the more people, the merrier. And do you know what?

As DSJ, we decided to sponsor 50 networking tickets to UPRISE that you can get completely for FREE. What are you waiting for? Go get your free ticket now.


Check out the atmosphere of the UPRIS3 happening in April this year:


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