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The best place to create groups for trading clothes—and get paid doing it.

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Isthmus App

The best place to create groups for trading clothes—and get paid doing it.

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About Us

About the Start-Up (In Stealth Mode)

The platform’s focus is to empower people to build, join, and foster online groups for swapping and trading clothing. 

People, especially Gen Z, are looking for tools and platforms to reform the old systems of how we shop and how we connect and communicate online. They are choosing access over possession and consumption and are reorganizing around shared practices, passions, and community, especially online.  

They have realized the old fashion system isn’t benefiting anyone. There is the huge environmental harm and unfair labor practices —poverty wages, unsafe workplaces, exploitation of migrants, and more continue to be part of fashion supply chains. On top of these issues, there is a constant, overwhelming pressure for consumers to stay on trend coming from brands, media, and even people they follow on the large social media feeds. Fast fashion brands put out 52 “micro-seasons” a year. In addition, people don’t even like the things they buy in this more, more, more system. In any given year Belgians only wear 12% of their wardrobe. The Dutch only wear 29%. 

A new system and reorganization of consumption and influence is emerging: 

  • Consumption – Secondhand, swapping, and access is quickly replacing buying new. Three quarters (75%) of 16-24 year-old Britons say they have swapped fashion items with others or would be interested in doing so in the future. 
  • Influence – People are losing trust in big brands, fashion magazines, and influencer-packed social media feeds. They are looking instead to niche communities for inspiration, creativity, and support. 80% of US Gen Z and 77% of Millennials say they feel better understood about their passions by people in their specialized communities than their Facebook friends. They think online communities better understand their passions than family and real-world friends too.

Message me for more information on how the platform solves these issues and empowers people to take consumption into their own hands. 

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