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About Us

Wonderflow is the most advanced tool to extract crucial insights out of consumer feedback. World leading brands use Wonderflow to drive product innovation and strategic marketing because:

1) they save up to 90% of their time exploring consumer feedback 
2) they can validate their assumptions and discover new insights 
3) they can measure customer appreciation of their products at a “feature level” 
4) they can compare products with competitors in a few clicks

What our customers say:

“When we decide to improve a product I can find the insights I need from consumer feedback up to 10x faster with Wonderflow”

“The Wonderboard saved my ass many times when I had to prepare a marketing report and I didn’t have time to read hundreds of reviews”

“The fun part of using Wonderflow is when you go to the market with a product and you learn things you already know and, most importantly, things that you thought would be right but they are not.”

Philips: https://vimeo.com/149177311

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